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H2B Visas

The H2B Visa is a work visa for seasonal jobs. Among other requirements, the H-2B employer needs to prove that its labor requirements are seasonal or temporary in nature and is required less than 12 months per year.
The H-2B worker has the ability to work in a number of industries as long as is not related to agriculture.
The number of H-2B Visas the USCIS issues is limited to 66,000 per year and is available only to countries previously designated as H-2B eligible. This type of Visa also applies to the entertainment and sports industry.

Green Cards

Employment Based Green Cards are issued to immigrants who aspire to live and work in US territory permanently. They can be available to employers who sponsor a foreign worker for a job that requires less than 2 years of training.
As the demand for this type of Visa is exceedingly high and the number of available visas is limited to 40,000 per year, it is crucial to hire an experienced immigration attorney.
The Wyngaard immigration attorneys have been assisting many individuals and companies sponsoring workers get their EB-3 Visas since 2005.
Give us a call or schedule a consultation with our team, we can help you determine your eligibility for an EB-3 Employment Based Visa

TN Visa

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the TN visa program was born out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and allowed qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens to enter the U.S. for professional business purposes. However, only specific types of professionals can obtain a TN visa. These include accountants, engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, scientists, and teachers.

To be eligible for a TN visa, the individual must be a citizen of Mexico or Canada, have a full or part-time job with a U.S. employer, and be qualified to practice in their profession. TN visas are good for up to three years and can be extended. Spouses and children of the visa-holder may also enter the U.S. and may study here but cannot obtain employment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, H-2B visas are available for 83 countries. Here is the list of eligible countries:

ArgentinaFinlandMaltaSan Marino
BrazilGuatemalaMontenegroSolomon Islands
BruneiHondurasMozambiqueSouth Africa
BulgariaHungaryNauruSouth Korea
CanadaIcelandThe NetherlandsSpain
ChileIrelandNew ZealandSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
Costa RicaItalyNorth MacedoniaSwitzerland
Czech RepublicJapanPanamaThailand
DenmarkKiribatiPapua New GuineaTimor-Leste
Dominican Republic*LatviaParaguay*Turkey
El SalvadorLithuaniaPolandUkraine
EstoniaLuxembourgPortugalUnited Kingdom

We like to begin the H-2B process in July or August but can begin as late as the Fall. The H-2B process takes at least 4 months but it is better if we can start 6 months before you want the workers to begin.

Yes, H-2A employers are required to provide safe housing for all H-2A visa workers. Please visit the following URL from the Department of Labor to learn more.

Some industries that use the H-2A program include:

  • Nurseries and greenhouse growers
  • Fruit growers and orchardists
  • Vineyards and hop growers
  • Vegetable, tobacco, and other field
  • crop growers
  • Specialty agricultural businesses
  • Apiculture operations / beekeepers
  • Custom combine operators
  • Hay, grain, and wheat growers
  • Christmas tree growers
  • Horse breeding operations
  • Cattle and other livestock herding
  • Fish farming and aquaculture

No, an H-2B employer is NOT required to provide housing to their H-2B visa workers. The H2B non-agricultural visa program has different rules than the H-2A agricultural program. With H-2B visas, the employer is NOT required to provide housing to the workers.

There are several industries eligible for H-2B visas:

  • Landscapers
  • Greenskeepers and golf course maintenance companies
  • Resorts, hotels, and restaurants
  • Contractors—asphalt and paving, masonry, framing and roofing, and other seasonal construction trades
  • Tree planters and seasonal lumber mills
  • Manufacturers of seasonal items and seasonal maintenance companies
  • Seasonal retailers or wholesalers, including nurseries and garden centers

Yes, an H2 employer must offer employment to all qualified U.S. job applicants willing and able to do the job. You must accept applicants from all sources, including State Workforce Agency (SWA) referrals.

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Our immigration lawyers and support staff are dedicated to helping our clients expand their operations through foreign labor workforce management solutions. We have helped many companies navigate the complexities of US Labor and Immigration law. 
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Sarah Wyngaard

Immigration Lawyer

Specializing in immigration law, we assist Clients from all over the United States, and indeed, all over the world. Sarah is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and the Alaska Bar Association.


Michael Wyngaard

Operations Manager

Michael brings a background in cultural anthropology to Wyngaard Law. After years of teaching at University and conducting field work throughout the US and the Arctic, Michael transitioned into legal work, working in general practice and Estate Planning. After living abroad for several years, Immigration law was a natural fit.

Caroline Baker-Donza

Immigration Lawyer

Caroline is a US immigration attorney with a background in a broad range of immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Her most recent practice has focused on visas for athletes as well as general business immigration. She is a member of the Wyoming Bar Association and the Alaska Bar Association, as well as the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Paola Sabina Soto

Immigration Lawyer, Mexico

Paola, is a licensed attorney who studied at the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in Mexico City. Paola has practiced law in Mexico in the public and private sector, focusing on customs, tax law and arbitration matters. In addition to his native language of Spanish, Paola is fluent in English as well.

George Lake

Immigration Lawyer, of Counsel

George is a US immigration attorney specialized in Business immigration and helping clients overcome criminal issues and immigration violations. George has practiced US immigration law from several countries around the world and enjoys helping people of all cultures and nationality traverse the US immigration system.

George studied at Tilburg University in the Netherlands where he received a Master’s Degree in International Business Law and studied at Northwestern California University where he received his JD. George is licensed to practice by the State Bar of California.


Juan José De Santiago

External Consultant

Juan José De Santiago is a licensed attorney who studied at the prestigious Universidad de Guanajuato where he was raised in Guanajuato, México. During his practice in migration and immigration, he has had the opportunity to work as an Independent Contractor for United Farm Workers of América. In addition, he worked for el Centro de Investigación Entrenamiento y Reclutamiento del Trabajador Organizado (CIERTO) – an organization dedicated to recruiting, training and transporting workers to various large farms in the USA. In addition to his native language of Spanish, Juan José is fluent in English as well.


Katie Pipkin

Marketing Coordinator

Katie grew up in an agricultural community in Southern California. She went on to receive her degree in Chemistry, minoring in philosophy, at the University of California, Davis. After graduating, she moved to New York where she worked in Ad Sales for several different television networks (including A+E, The History Channel and WGN America). Wanting to connect with her Mexican roots, she later moved to Guanajuato, Mexico where she currently resides today. Spending this time living in Mexico connected her to the opportunity to work for the Wyngaard Law Firm.

Gloria Ramirez

Immigration Lawyer, New York

Gloria Ramirez is a distinguished attorney from the Dominican Republic with extensive expertise in immigration law. Over the past two decades, she has adeptly advised and advocated for both individual and corporate clients, handling both immigrant and non-immigrant visas and family-based petitions. Foreign register international attorney in the United States, licensed to practice in the Dominican Republic.

Gloria has served as a diplomat for over 20 years, representing the Dominican Republic at the Organization of American States and the United Nations. Known for being self-motivated, enthusiastic, creative, and results-driven, Gloria is dedicated to personal and professional development, resolving complex cases, and positively impacting lives.

María Teresa López Rendón

Legal Paraprofessional

María Teresa López Rendón is a dedicated paraprofessional for Wyngaard Law Firm LLC. Tere is originally from Guanajuato,Mexico and has spent considerable time in the United States. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. Tere specializes in assisting with H-2B and E-B3 visas.


Elizabeth López Rendón

Legal Paraprofessional

Elizabeth López Rendón is a dedicated paraprofessional for Wyngaard Law Firm LLC. Eli is originally from Guanajuato,Mexico and has spent considerable time in the United States. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. Eli specializes in assisting with H-2B and E-B3 visas.


Amantay Hueck San Miguel

Legal Paraprofessional

Amantay is a dedicated paraprofessional for Wyngaard Law Firm LLC. Amantay is originally from Cali, Colombia and is fluent in both Spanish and English. At Wyngaard Law Firm, Amantay specializes in assisting with H-2B and H-2A visas.

Juan Camilo Barrera

Legal Paraprofessional

Juan Camilo Barrera is a dedicated paraprofessional for Wyngaard Law Firm LLC. Juan is originally from Cali, Colombia. He is fluent in both Spanish and English and has experience as a paralegal working with a non profit organization providing immigration services to the Latin American Community who have been victims of a violent crime within the United States so they can be able to obtain a legal status inside the country.

María Victoria Loidi

Sales Representative

A person who is constantly learning and capable of adapting to new situations and challenges. Born and raised in Argentina, she spent quite a few years in Puerto Rico, where she was educated and developed in her roles as a collection agent, insurance licensed agent, and office manager. She recently moved to Florida, USA, and joined 3 Amigos Recruiting; she is fully committed to helping individuals achieve their goals and employers find the perfect candidates. She is dedicated to providing exceptional service and achieving successful outcomes for all parties.